About LVTV


Where is LVTV located?

LVTV is located in the Arts & Communications Building at the University of La Verne on 2016 D Street on the corner of Arrow Highway and D Street. La Verne is located 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in a suburban community of 32,000. LVTV has over 6,000 subscribers on Time-Warner Cable and Verizon Fios.

How do I contact LVTV?

By Phone: (909) 448-4794
By Fax: (909) 392-2706
By Mail: La Verne Community Television
1950 3rd St., La Verne, CA 91750
By e-mail: lvtv@laverne.edu

What kind of services does LVTV offer?

LVTV-3 runs community TV programming, offers low cost Community Producer classes, and checks out equipment to certified community producers to produce programs. LVTV runs a community Reader Board promoting events, for local non-profit agencies. LVTV also airs community events like candidate’s forums, concerts and parades.

Who runs LVTV?

LVTV is operated by the University of La Verne Communications Department under contract with the city of La Verne. LVTV has a part-time station manager, a part-time production coordinator, part-time video production specialist and a part-time assistant.

When is LVTV on the air?

LVTV runs original community programming from 3:30 p.m.-10 p.m. , Monday through Friday. Occasionally, LVTV runs live programming during the day and on weekends.

During the day LVTV runs the California Channel, the California State Assembly when it is in session, other times LVTV runs a community reader board promoting community events.

You can look up our monthly program guide and highlights on our website.

LVTV also airs programs on the weekend.

LVTV on the internet

LVTV’s programs stream on the internet: http://laverne.pegcentral.com/live/live_laverne.html

LVTV’ maintains a Video on Demand library of popular programming

LVTV Membership:
LVTV is a member of the Alliance for Community Media, the national public access organization and NATOA (National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors).

Community Bulletin Board

When programs are not being aired, LVTV runs a community Reader Board promoting events for local non-profit agencies.

If you are a non-profit agency or a group or individual sponsoring a community event you can call us and we will send you a reader_board_form or you can download a form from our website. You can submit the information via mail, fax or e-mail.

Making a Program

Take the low cost Community Producers class. The four session, 12-hour class is offered when there is sufficient demand. The class teaches a little bit about producing, directing, writing, shooting, lighting, audio and editing. Once a producer is is certified (by completing the class and producing a 30 second public service announcement) she/he can fill out a program proposal and make a program. When the program is complete the producer should submit the program with a program_proposal form.

Programs must be non-commercial in nature and not contain obscenity. Programs produced using LVTV equipment must air on LVTV.

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